Wendy Muller says her family is well taken care of by Dr Hilary Abels at Abels Dental, especially her children.

Goodwood’s Wendy Muller and husband Wesley are proud parents of two young daughters Whitney and Weslynn.

Mom Wendy says parenthood comes with many joyous moments, but they do have to make tough decisions too. Luckily picking a dentist came easy thanks to Abels Dental.

“I was so anxious before taking Whitney for her first filling. It’s never easy seeing your kids facing scary or difficult situations as there’s only so much you can do to protect them. Visiting the dentist is a scary thing for most people, especially children who are fearful of needles, but Dr Hilary Abels did a wondeful job,” said Wendy.

“For her first filling, Whitney was calm for most part of the treatment. And that really helped me as a parent watching from the side. Dr Abels had a calming influence on Whitney and she’s really good with both my kids.

“It makes me happy knowing we have an experienced and caring family dentist at Abels Dental.”

The Muller family used to live nearby in Parow but have since moved to Goodwood. However, Wendy says they will always drive to the area if they ever need dental assistance.

“We make the effort to travel to Abels Dental because we know we will be treated well. That’s very important to us.”

Wendy Muller recommends Abels Dental to anyone needing quality and caring dental assistance.

“I love the fact that Dr Abels is a woman. She’s naturally caring towards my family and that is a big plus when it comes to my kids. I was actually speaking to my work colleague about my recent experiences last week at Dentals Abel and she’s wanting to visit soon as well. You won’t be disappointed.”


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